Ambassador Program

Are you a micro influencer?
Have you felt extremely connected to our brand? 
Love the product? 
Believe in our message?

You may want to check out our ambassador program:

  • 2 free products.
  • 25% discount code for yourself.
  • 15% discount code for your followers.
  • 10% commission from orders (converted to empower dollars to use on a purchase).
  • “Empower Apparelle Ambassador” must remain in your bio.
  • Minimum of 3 Instagram stories a week. This could be a story or even a share from our posts.
  • Each free product must appear on your main feed 2 times during the ambassadorship.
  • Photos you take, that may or may not appear on your profile can be sent to us via email, text, or Instagram.
  • Ambassador status lasts 2 months and can be renewed upon your request and our agreement. 
  • Quality pictures of products must be shared with us and on your feed in a timely matter.
  • You must have a minimum of 1000 followers with high engagement.
  • You must be over 18.
  • You must believe in our message as a brand.
  • You must abide by terms and conditions of an agreed upon ambassadorship or you will be invoiced for the products that we provided. 

To apply, please include:

  • All social media handles.
  • Number of followers and rate of engagement. 
  • Why you want to be associated with Empower Apparelle.
  • Where you are currently residing. 

** Please do not exclude yourself on basis of: gender, age, race, religion, size, or any other factor such as these. We very much encourage a diverse community and we can’t wait to work with people that look like the world we live in 💞